Top 6 Benefits of Interior Painting

July 28, 2021

Are you considering selling your home or you're ready for a refresh, but you don't know how to get started? You may benefit from starting with residential painting. With approximately 120 million gallons of paint sold each year, this is a popular option for homeowners across the country.

However, it may still seem like a risky investment if you feel unsure of the result. We're here to make your decision easier. Interior painting can completely change up the look of a space with minimal effort.  

Read on to learn about the top six benefits of interior painting today! 

1. Makes Spaces Appear Larger or Smaller

One of the main advantages of interior painting is its ability to change the perception of a room's size. This is because light-colored paint such as white and beige makes it easier for light to reflect and bounce across its surface. This means that it can help make small rooms appear larger by the way light interacts in the space. 

Conversely, you can also make a space appear smaller or cozier. For instance, you may find that many homes with open-plan layouts choose to have a darker colored paint for one accent wall or across the bottom half of a wall.

These painting techniques help the space appear less cavernous and more inviting. 

2. Resists Dust and Grime

If you haven't updated your home's walls in years, you'll find that on closer inspection that they harbor a lot of dust and grime. Cleaning them regularly can also be difficult because of the huge surface area you have to cover!

For this reason, refreshing your walls with a new coat of paint may be the easiest way to get them sparkling again. Even better, the new coat of paint gives you walls protection against moisture and dirt. You'll find that it's harder for the dust to cling to the fresh surface. 

3. Adds Character and Personality

It's important to keep in mind that you don't have to choose just neutral colors for your interior. If you're stuck on ideas, a painting contractor may be able to give you ideas on some of their popular choices. You can also find inspiration from a favorite piece of artwork, statue, or rug.

Bold colors such as dark green, orange, blue, and pink can be used as accent colors on one wall in a room. There's also a new trend of painting arches throughout the home above furniture in order to create an eye-catching display.

Never be afraid to go bold–just make sure you commit to your decision with a plan to coordinate the rest of the space. 

4. Hides Stains and Marks

Over time, it's natural for walls to develop marks and stains that are hard to remove–especially if you have kids. If this is the case, you can remove them from your sight by painting over them with a fresh coat of paint. Remember that small dents and holes can also be filled in with a putty knife and sparkling.

If you don't want to change up the entire paint color of a space, there are ways you can find the matching color. Consider taking a photo and bringing it to a local paint store. You can also take samples of paints that are similar and placing them against your wall during different times of the day. 

Lastly, working with a painting contractor may be able to help you identify the paint color used in the past. 

5. Easily Transform a Space

Interior painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform a space. You'll find that by changing the colors of the walls and adding a bold accent color, the room will look modernized and fresh.

It's also important to keep in mind that you can paint over old objects instead. For instance, if you have old wooden furniture, consider painting them with a fresh coat of white paint for a clean and fresh look. 

Since you have to take off the hardware anyway in order to paint your furniture, you can replace the old hardware with something new. In only a matter of hours, this can completely change the look of a dated kitchen to a modernized one. 

6. Improved Mood

Last but not least, painting the interior of your home will boost your mood. Not only is this because you're transforming your home into a novel environment, but you'll also be choosing colors you enjoy.

If you find that working from home is stressing you out every day, you may find that painting your office in calming blue and green colors may help you relax. On the other hand, a bold accent wall that highlights your favorite paintings or photos will give you renewed gratitude and joy for the place you call home. 

Transform Your Home With Interior Painting

It's normal to feel shock when you're researching the costs of renovations. With this in mind, we recommend starting with interior painting first. Not only will you be able to refresh your space, but you may realize those expensive renovations aren't as necessary. 

If it's time to sell your home, you'll also find that interior walls in a neutral color are more attractive to buyers than loud colors. This is because buyers have an easier time imagining the house as their own. If they're not a fan of the neutral color, painting it a different color is just as easy.

Ready to work with affordable interior painters without the endless Google search? Schedule a consultation with us today! 

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