Commercial Office Paint Ideas for Maximum Productivity

June 1, 2021

Did you know that the average worker is only productive for about three hours a day during an eight-hour workday? A study took a look at nearly 2,000 full-time office workers and found that most of the time people at work, aren't working. Instead, they're doing things like reading news websites, checking social media, talking with coworkers about non-work-related topics, and even searching for new jobs.

Obviously, there are always going to be ebbs and flows of productivity in your workplace. However, it's possible that the color you paint the walls could help to inspire an environment where your company is more productive and focused.

Are you looking for office paint ideas to boost productivity? Let's take a look at the best color choices for different types of workspaces.

How Do Paint Colors Impact Mood and Behavior?

The notion that changing the paint color in your office could affect how you feel and act might sound like magical thinking, but there have actually been scientific studies that suggest that the color of a room can in fact impact a person's mood and behavior.

Colors can be roughly divided into two camps known as warm colors and cool colors. Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow, while cool colors include blue, purple, and green.

Warm colors can evoke a range of emotions that range from feelings of comfort and warmth to feelings of hostility and anger. Cool colors are frequently described as calming. However, they can also lead to feelings of indifference or sadness.

A therapy that was practiced by some ancient cultures known as chromotherapy uses color to help people heal. A similar treatment is still practiced today, known as colorology.

There is certainly still some skepticism in the world of color psychology, but a number of studies have found fairly compelling results. While additional research is still needed in this realm, it has been found that color can influence performance, consumer purchases, and other human actions.

One study found that students seeing the color red before they took an exam could lead to poorer performance. According to anecdotal evidence, blue-colored streetlights can reduce the amount of crime in an area. Another study found that participants found warm-colored placebo pills to be more effective than those who were given cool-colored placebo pills.

Office Paint Ideas For Maximum Productivity

When you're brainstorming office wall painting ideas, you'll want to think about both the color and how intense the color is. Colors that are highly saturated are more stimulating to us, while low saturation colors are more soothing and calming.

You might consider also integrating some creative wall painting ideas for office spaces, including making a chalkboard wall or adding an accent wall.

Blue For Mental Productivity

If you're looking for office paint color ideas to help your employees stay focused and mentally engaged, consider a shade of blue. Blue is thought to help stimulate the mind and improve concentration in industries that rely on repetitive actions.

Blue is a color that evokes mindfulness. A neutral blue color might be a good choice, as dark blue could be too aggressive and overwhelming.

Red For Physical Productivity

Red is a color that can create a feeling of urgency. For jobs that are largely physical, this could help to boost productivity.

Yellow For Creative Productivity

The color yellow can evoke and stimulate emotion. This means that creative industries can benefit from yellow hues in their workspace. It can also help to brighten the spirits of your employees, as yellow is deeply associated with sunshine and happiness.

Yellow workspaces are comfortable and warm. If the work you do revolves around always coming up with new, creative ideas, yellow is a great choice.

Green For Balanced Productivity

Perhaps you house many different employees that do many different kinds of work in the same office. If you're trying to find a color to suit the highest possible productivity for all of your workers, you might consider painting your office green.

Green can help boost productivity because it has a strong sense of balance. This creates an environment that is reassuring and calming. However, if your office is physical and high-paced, you might find green to be inert and stagnant for the work you do.

Other Tips For Boosting Office Productivity

While you're sifting through professional office paint color ideas, consider incorporating some other productivity-increasing design choices into the mix. By combining the right paint color with other considerations like lighting and scent, you can create the ideal environment for your employees.

Light Your Workspace Right

There are also color choices when it comes to lighting. There are warmer colored lights that are yellow or orange as well as cooler lights that are blue or white. Warmer lights tend to encourage a relaxing environment, while cooler lights are better for concentration, focus, and productivity.

Enlist the Power of Green

Scientific studies have found that the presence of plants in a home or office can lower stress levels, boost productivity, and increase well-being. They can also help to add some of that well-balanced green color to your office, no matter the color of the walls.

Embrace Minimalism

Keeping a clutter-free office can really help boost the productivity of your company. Not only is time lost when you have to search for papers you swear you just had, but it can also just help keep your mental space clearer.

Utilize the Power of Smell

There's also some research to suggest that performance at work can be boosted through scent. Consider using an essential oil infuser or incense in your office to help create a productive environment.

Is It Time to Repaint Your Office?

As you can see, it can make sense to make a deliberate choice when it comes to office paint ideas. The color you choose can have an impact on the behavior and mood of your employees as well as your clients or customers.

The environment that you create for your employees has a major effect on how successful your business is. For this reason, it's a good idea to prioritize creating a supportive place where it's natural for workers to focus and be productivie.

Is it time for you to repaint your office? Contact us today for a quote!

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