10 Secret Interior Design Tips To Make Your NY Interiors Come to Life

October 3, 2021

When you picture New York City, a place of culture and vibrant nightlife comes to mind. Part of the appeal of New York is being at the forefront of culture, art, cuisine, fashion, and so much more. If you live here, people expect a certain flair in your home as well. You don't need modern-style architecture and designs to have a fashionable home. There is a lot that you can do with your NY interiors to make them stunning and stylish.

The right decorating touches can bring a new atmosphere to a room. Here are ten ways to bring out the best in your interiors.

1. Maximize Positive and Negative Space

The way you position furniture in a room helps lay the groundwork for the atmosphere in a room. 

Positive space refers to the objects in a room and their placement. Negative space refers to the gaps in between these objects. Balancing both is an integral part of interior design.

A lot of negative space can make a room feel spacious. Too much can make the room feel under-furnished and impersonal. 

The right amount of positive space in a room can make it feel cozy and warm. Too much positive space can make it feel cramped and over-furnished.

2. Make Sure Your NY Interiors are Lit Well

You can buy nice furniture, have beautiful accent pieces, and a professional paint job - but if the room in question has poor lighting, none of it matters.

Natural light is the best kind of light, so a room with lots of windows shouldn't have a lighting problem. However, if the lighting isn't adequate in a room, you should invest in floor lamps, overhead lights, and accent lighting.

White and light-colored walls and furniture also help a room appear brighter.

3. Make It Your Own

In design, there are always trends that are considered current. Take a look at any design magazine, and you'll find an article that will talk about the latest trends. These trends are popular for a reason and can be a great place to start when thinking about interior design.

However, if you don't put your personal touch on the design, it can look generic. The most important thing to remember is to incorporate things that reflect you in your design. It's your home, and it should be apparent.

4. Transitional Interior Design

There are many different styles of interior design. The traditional and contemporary styles are two of the most popular. Many people like elements from both styles but feel like neither one is the perfect fit.

If you are one of these people, there's a design style that's perfect for you. 

The transitional design incorporates the elegance of traditional with the lines and textiles of contemporary. Accessories are kept to a minimum to emphasize the design elements in both styles.

5. Declutter Your Living Space

Over time, we collect knick-knacks and miscellaneous objects that find their way onto tables and into drawers. When this stuff accumulates, it takes away from the presentation of a room. 

Decluttering will provide more space to store and display the things about which you care. It also highlights the design elements of a room and lets your knick-knacks accentuate those details. 

6. Use Reflective Materials

Natural light can make a room feel much lighter and help provide a warmer atmosphere. In small spaces, natural light can be your best friend. Lots of natural light can provide the illusion of space in small rooms. 

A great way to help brighten a room is to invest in white lacquered walls or glossy tiles. The reflective nature of these materials will reflect light and make the room feel more open. 

7. Give Some Thought to the Color You Paint a Room

Color is one of the most important factors in interior design. Before you decide to paint a room in your favorite color, consider how that color will affect the mood in a room. 

Room color psychology is a design technique that uses different colors to promote different moods.  

For example, you may want to avoid brighter colors like bright reds, oranges, and yellows in the bedroom. These colors promote warmth and energy, which may not be the best for a room where you rest. Cool colors like greens and blues help to soothe and relax, which may be a better choice. 

Think about each room's purpose and consider a color before you cover your walls with it.

8. Give Your Furniture Room to Breathe

Many people place their furniture against a room's walls when they decorate. They do this to allow more space to walk or because the room is small. However, in some cases, this can make a room feel stiff and lifeless.

By placing furniture a few inches from the walls, you can help a room feel airier.

9. Give Your Room a Signature Fragrance

Many luxury hotels employ a fragrance in their rooms as a design choice. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses that people have. 

The power of smell connects to the emotional center of the brain. When people encounter smells that they associate with good memories, it can make them feel at ease. 

Fragrances can help people feel at ease. When you invite someone new into your home, this can help ease the anxiety of these encounters.

10. Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is all about simple, understated choices. It shares many elements with contemporary design, like uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and simple finishes.

Minimalist design, however, draws heavy inspiration from Japanese design. Empty space is what ties this style together. 

Minimalist design is heavy on neutral colors, though primary colors may find use as accents. You won't find patterns in minimalist style, but texture is an important element. 

Since this style is all about empty space, furniture with hidden storage is popular. This allows you to keep the empty space but still have a place to store things.

We Bring the Color to Your Home

There are countless design tricks to bring out the best in your home. There are so many design styles that to choose from - you can even blend two if you like elements from both. It's important to also add personal touches to your home so that it also reflects you.

At Pristine Painters, we are here to help you with all your painting needs. We can paint your NY interiors, fences, and stain your deck.

Contact us today and we can help you bring your home to life.

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